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Oct 31, 2013 - A Blast Tubing Down Farmington River

Looking for something fun to do with your family and friends when you are vacationing right here in Hartford CT? Then you have come to the right place. The writers and bloggers who are helping Bus Charter Hartford are very friendly, funny and adventurous bunch of people who are always willing to share their experiences with our readers. It matters not whether you are here because you are looking for a charter bus, shuttle bus, coach charter, mini bus or school bus, just have a read and go through our list of suggestions, reviews and provide us with your own feedback too, if you have ideas.

One of the best things that we have ever done in Hartford was to bring our Hartford rented charter bus to Farmington River Tubing adventure. We had kids and some teenagers with us during the short bus charter Hartford weekend getaway and they most certainly had a blast of time tubing their way down the river.

First off, here are some advice on what to bring along and wear for river tubing. First of all, wear bathing suits, wet suits or something that casual and comfortable. Wearing clothing that you do not mind swimming in is great either way. Don’t bring stuff you don’t want to lose - period. You are going to be away from your belongings and it is not on the charter bus provided by Bus Charter Hartford for a period of time, so, do not bring along expensive devices or heavy equipment unless you have someone to keep them within their sight while you are cruising down the river. If the weather is hot, bring along a hat or sunglasses and don’t forget sunscreen and water too. If you intend to bring along your own life jackets, be sure if they are coast guard P.F.D approved. If they are not, you would have to wear the general ones provided.

Based on official statements, there are three rapids along the river and they are super fun to go through. Depending on temperature and weather during your bus charter Hartford vacation, it sometimes takes up to two hours to reach the end....and sometimes even longer. On other days, the river water is simply gushing ahead at full speed and can take only an hour to complete the course. Remember, we are dealing with unpredictable Mother Nature over here, so, go with the flow and have fun all the same.

Tubing along Farmington River, although it is a family-orientated activity, is not suitable for young kids. Observe the age, height and weight limit and don’t put the little ones in unnecessary danger as although it is a relatively safe activity, there ARE risks involved.