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Nov 6, 2012 - Agave Grill (Restaurant and Bar)

Serving up a stormy tableful of dishes tantalizing enough to bring you back for a second, third or even fourth time is Agave restaurant's specialty. There is just something really soulful about the way the food is all served up and how they happen to focus on their customers' preferences instead of sticking to old, traditional methods of doing things. There is food at all times of the day so, it matters not whether you are hunting down a quick lunch or is thinking of booking a romantic table for two for dinner. In fact, we have been told by our bus charter Hartford customers that they have an amazing menu for group events like club gatherings, church outings, kids' field trips, wedding receptions and corporation dinners.

As they tantalize their customers' palates with great Mexican food during lunch and dinner, there is also a full working bar which brightens up the nightlife here with the largest tequila bar north of Rio Grande. For those who prefer their drinks a little more conventional, they have some popular drinks ready for you too, for example there is mojitos and hot favorite cervezas to be served. As you hop over to their website, you will soon realize that they do keep their promises as per their tag-line which is 'something authentic, something exotic, something spicy, something exciting, something different...'

The establishment is also known for their off-site catering services too, so if you have a party going on and is looking for good food to be brought to your office to a specific event venue, head over to their website for further information -

Agave Grill is located at 100, Allyn Street, Hartford. In the meantime, give us a call for bus charter, party bus, coach charter, sleeper coaches, mini bus or school bus rental services in Hartford.