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A historical park built since the 1820s, Bushnell Park comes with a lot of kid-friendly features and act as a calming respite for the locals

Bushnell Park of Harford is Rich in History

Feb 16, 2014

Unbeknownst to many, Bushnell Park in Hartford Connecticut is the oldest public funded park in the United States. Spreading downhill from Capitol Hills, the park measures up to 37-acres and was designed by Jacob Weidenmann all the way back in the 1850s. If you are looking for some respite from all the eating, drinking and shopping you are going to be doing during your Hartford visit by bus charter, heading over to Bushnell Park could be just the thing for you.

The park’s feature

Part of the reason people head over to the park would be its charm and there is some calm when you are just chilling out doing some people-watching from afar. The two water fountains gives the park a rustic and comfortable feel.

When the weather is right, Hartford bus charter visitors would come to the park to be a part of the lively atmosphere and make new friends along the way. The park, especially during the evenings, is full of life and sunshine, there is nothing not to love about that.

Bushnell Park also features gorgeous autumn foliage, Soldier’s Arch, statues and sculptures which are completely unique to Hartford and Bushnell Park. The memorial commemorates Civil War veterans.

The perfect place for Botany Buffs

After going through all the historical parts of the park, the self guided tour of the park beckons most Massachusetts bus charter visitors who have been there. The free self-guided tour will take you at your own pace through the gardens and its flora and fauna. Along the way, visitors will come around to the Tudor-style Pump House Gallery which was built in 1947 as a special section of the park.

Children will have a ball taking a ride on a carousel that dates back to 1914 which was specially designed by Stein and Goldstein. The carousel features 48 beautiful, majestic horses. It won many accolades and praise when it was first introduced to park visitors. Eventhough you are not game for a ride on the carousel, read up about the ride’s encapsulating history near the carousel.

At the Pump House Gallery, there is a medium sized exhibition hall and a quick feature of summer concert series held at the park.

Other features of the park:-

  • Horace Wells Monument
  • sculpture from Truman Howe Barltett
  • Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch
  • Corning Fountain
  • sculpture from J. Massey Rhind
  • performance pavilion