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Jan 15, 2013 - Connecticut Haunts

Connecticut, in New England, is an old part of the United States, with much history and folklore. Easily visited with a charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coaches or school bus chartered from Bus Charter Hartford. Track down tales of New England’s ghosts and ghouls as you take a charter bus journey of Connecticut’s most haunted places.

Try to keep your wits about you as your reliable charter bus driver takes you to the Union Cemetery in Easton. Dating from over 400 years ago, this graveyard is home to the infamous White Lady. The Union Cemetery is one of the most famous haunted places in Connecticut state, and is the destination of charter bus visits from those with an interest in paranormal activity.

The abandoned settlement of Dudleytown in Cornwall is a short charter bus ride away from Hartford, and is reputed to be one of Connecticut’s most haunted places, ranked equally with Union Cemetery. Termed cursed and damned, locals tell of strange sounds and weird sightings in the remains of this town. Do note that the Dark Forest Entry Association owns the land which Dudleytown sits on, and they take strong measures to keep visitors away. This only adds to the creepiness of the place, as you wonder what there is to hide. Visitors who have managed to get in report that Dudleytown is unnaturally still, and exudes feelings of terror.

The Norwich State Hospital in Preston looks like it came right out of a Hollywood horror movie, and any number of creepy horror computer games. This state facility has long been abandoned, falling into disrepair while state authorities and developers tussle over what happens to it. This naturally leads to reports of hauntings, strange noises and weird happenings.

From Preston, take a charter bus to the Fairfield State Hospital in Newtown. Another abandoned facility, Fairfield was closed in 1995, and has now become a popular destination for ghost hunters and urban explorers. As with many facilities for the mentally disturbed, tales of patient abuse and cruelty abound. This facility had a network of underground tunnels, which lent to the general creepy atmosphere, but these have since been filled in.

After a day of visiting creepy haunted places with a charter bus, what better way to end the day that with a charter bus overnight visit to the Yankee Pedlar Inn, in Torrington. In business for the last 120 years, this 52 room Inn has welcomed both guests and ghosts. The inn’s first owner, Alice Conley, is reputed to have died in Room 353, and it is said that her spirit still haunts the room to this day. Her rocking chair, located in the lobby, has been observed to start rocking on its own.

For a ghostly charter bus tour of Connecticut, give Bus Charter Hartford a call to find out how they can help plan your charter bus trip with their friendly, personalized service.