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June 6, 2013 - Enter into a world of Arts at Wadsworth Antheneum

Most people enjoy outdoor activities during summer time, and while it is good to get fresh air and sunshine, a quiet time of contemplation and enjoying beautiful artworks of the past and present is also a great way to spend the summer. If walking through art museums and admiring the gorgeous artworks of different eras is what you enjoy most, then waste no more time – pick up the phone, call up our bus company and charter a bus to bring you and your art lover friends to the Wadsworth Antheneum in Hartford for a wonderful time of art gazing.

The Wadsworth Antheneum is the first public art museum in the U.S. and there are about fifty thousand pieces of artworks on display – from ancient to contemporary, you name it and you will almost be able to find it there. It was founded by Daniel Wadsworth in 1842 and initially, he had intended to set up a Gallery of Fine Arts, but then he was convinced to launch an “antheneum” – a term that was used in the 19th century for a cultural institution that is devoted to history, art, literature and also one that will consist of a library as well as works of art and artifacts.

When you and your friends first arrive at the Wadsworth Antheneum in the chartered bus, you will notice that it is made up of 5 connected buildings. The first one that you will see is the Gothic Revival Wadsworth building that was designed by renowned architects – Ithiel Town and Alexander Jackson Davis. It was the original building that accommodated the art gallery, the Natural History Society and the Connecticut Historical Society – to name a few. Later, in the 1860s, the Watkinson Library of Reference was then added on to the original building followed by the Tudor Revival Colt Memorial and the Renaissance Revival Morgan Memorial that gave extra space for the ever growing fine arts collection. In 1934, as the first American museum building with a modern international style interior, the Avery Memorial was opened. It was in 1964 that the institutions that were not affiliated with the art museum moved out of the place to other locations in Hartford.

Current exhibitions at the Wadsworth Antheneum are “Deb Sokolow / MATRIX 166”, “Bill Viola:Ascension”, and “Burst of Light:Caravaggio and His Legacy”. You will also be pleased that the staff at the antheneum is very obliging and professional – if you let them know your preferences of art works, they can also provide you with suggestions so that your tour will be more personalized to your own liking. One thing that you will enjoy is the interior of the building which has received many praises from visitors to the antheneum.