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Sep 12, 2013 - Firebox Restaurant

Want to bring your date for a special dining experience? Or is it a night of celebrating your wedding anniversary? If you are looking for a fancy yet unique dining experience, we would think that Firebox Restaurant at 539 Broad St, Hartford is just the perfect place for you to bring your date for a romantic night of dining. Make it a fun night by planning a double or triple dinner date with friends too, and add on a little of excitement to the date with a Hartford charter bus. With the service of a charter bus, everyone gets to give full attention to their dates because none of you would have to be the driver for the night.

Firebox Restaurant is known to serve good food with an ambience of fun, lightheartedness and simplicity. Diners won’t feel out of place when they come here, simply because their staff are all very well trained to make every person feel welcome and at home. The interior design of the restaurant is rather modern, with exposed brick walls and high ceilings – there’s always something about a place having high ceilings; it makes the whole place feels more “roomy” and spacious and very welcoming. On top of that the menu is something to be praised too – it has a great variety for you to choose from that there is certainly something for everyone to enjoy. If you don’t like red meat, they have white meat, pastas, scallops, salmon – you name it, they have it (well, unless you are craving for something that is really rare, we don’t guarantee that they may have it though). And once they place your order in front of you, you can already smell the aroma of the delicious food and you can’t wait to dig in and start eating.

If this is your first trip to Firebox Restaurant in a Hartford charter bus, you may not know that Firebox is a farm-to-table restaurant. This means that their menu changes with the seasons and they serve what is available at local farms and markets in their restaurant. Hence, you and your date can be assured that the food that they serve is fresh from the farm and healthy too! The restaurant is part of the Billings Forge Community Works, and they are very much committed to community building and because of their commitment, they also employ almost a third of their staff from the Frog Hollow neighborhood. Hence, as you and your date dine the night away, not only are you enjoying great food and in awesome ambience, you are also indirectly contributing to the good cause of the commitment of the restaurant. Did we already mention that this would be a unique dining experience?