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Oct 1, 2012, - Having fun in the heart of Hartford

So you’ve just come off your charter bus and arrived in Hartford. If you’ve come to town with no fixed plan in mind, don’t worry because there tons of things to do.

Get The Party Started, With The Party Starters
Every Tuesday at Sully’s the Hartford Party Starters regular dance parties. So put on some comfortable shoes to sample what its like to party with the locals to the beat of some really great music. There’s even a tiki bar which is pretty sweet.

Relax At The River Front
If you’re looking to start your holiday in a more chilled out way, go for a picnic or walk along the water at Adriaens Landing. The riverfront is pretty in the evening, and when the weather’s nice there’s even music and dance performances.

Eat Something New
For those with an adventurous palate, saunter down to the meat shop at Avon. Other than the usual fare of chicken and beef, you also have the option of trying out boar, ostrich and alligator. If you have a particular treat in mind, they’ll even work hard to order any kind of meat as long as it can be cooked or bought.

Do You Knit?
If you’re a hobbyist you will be spoiled for choice by the activities available at the Connecticut convention center. From Comic Cons to knitting and international garden expos you’ll be able to find something you fancy quite easily.

Have Something Fresh
If you’ve been itching to have farm fresh American fare, the Firebox restaurant serves this alongside great bluegrass music. If you’re lucky there might even be beer tastings, and coming on the right day will snag you some happy hour specials.

There are plenty more things to do and sights to see at Hartford, so do some good ol’ internet research or just consult a local. You’ll be spoiled for choice.