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Feb 19, 2013 - Kids fun in Connecticut

When the kids are out for their summer holidays, parents are often left befuddled with what to do with the kids during their free time. The great thing about living in Hartford is that there is a wide variety of parks, nature centers and an endless number of outdoor adventure outlets like rivers, lakes and indoor attractions in the form of theaters and performing art centers as well. If that isn’t enough options for your lively loved ones, then hitting the zoo and science museum during the school holidays might do the trick. Anyway, for event organizers who are looking around for a good charter bus, coach charter, mini bus or school bus for field trips, this is a gentle reminder to book early and remember to double check your bookings in order to avoid disappointment.

The Submarine Force museum have long been a popular Hartford charter bus rental tourist attraction, it is ranking very highly as one of the top must-dos in Hartford. Here, the curious kids can get to explore the insides of a submarine that has been designed look more or less like the real USS Nautilus. The USS Nautilus is the first American nuclear-powered submarine which left a historical mark in marine history. This is the time to explain and educate the kids about what the submarine’s torpedo room, attack center, wardroom, cabins, and control room functions are. The kind and friendly tour guides might be able to offer parents and kids alike information about these functions. We believe that parents and kids alike will come off much more informed about these vessels after the trip.

The charter bus driver will know the way to Stamford Museum and Nature Center, another top favorite charter bus tourist attraction in Hartford. The enchanting museum features a large array of animals that the kids can get up close and personal with....sort of like a petting zoo. The large museum and nature center also offers a cute otter pond, kids don’t usually get to see and observe otters in their natural habitat, so this is a good opportunity for them to do so. End the charter bus rental trip in Hartford by making a pit stop at the planetarium. The kids might have built up some energy while exploring the amazing structures and exhibits in the science and nature center, let them loose at the outdoor playground where other kids their age are.

Summer holidays does not have to be such a headache for parents with little kids. Just explore your options by checking things out on the internet and list down your options. If organizing a group activity, we think that it might be a more savvy idea to make use of a rented Hartford bus charter, coach bus, mini bus or a school bus. It will make moving around from one attraction to another a much less painful experience.