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Apr 26, 2013 - Riding the skateboard in Hartford

For those who are unaware, there is a really huge skateboarding following in the downtown area of Hartford. Surprised? Don’t be! Let’s just join in on the fun or come explore the idea of taking up skateboarding as a form of hobby or exercise. Some charter bus rental visitors are simply surprised that the Insurance Capital of the world, Hartford, would have such tolerant ideals towards skateboarding through its business-focused downtown area. Yes, we know Los Angeles is known for their vibrant skateboarding scene but Hartford is not lacking too far behind. In fact, there is sometimes an exchange of ideas between the skateboarding communities of LA, Hartford and even foreign countries like Barcelona. In fact, we encourage people to rent a charter bus, or a large passenger bus to come examine how we can play a more important role in promoting the sport.

The best time to see the skateboarders in action would be during the weekends or during the evenings when the streets come alive with enthusiastic skaters from all walks of life. In Hartford, the skateboarding scene began all the way back to 1990s so there is already a long history and huge community supporting the groups of skateboarders. Unlike the police force in other cities whereby security is tightened when people hit the streets, Hartford is known for their lenient behavior when the street ‘performers’ pour out into the streets.

The reason why people hit the streets for skateboarding because official skate parks is few and far in between. This is something the authorities should address in the near future. The biggest and most popular skate park that charter bus rental visitors should bring the rented charter bus to is a park fondly known as Wexford Skate Park. As mentioned, skateboarding became really popular back in the 90’s and this prompted the construction of Wexford in 1995. For those living in Hartford, the name of the skate park might remind you of the one along Interstate 84...and you would be right to note that the park has been named after the Southern Ireland park. It wasn’t an official skate park until 2009 after authorities went through the proposals brought forth by the skateboarding communities in and around the Hartford area. And all thanks to the proposals, we do have a few more skate parks in Hartford that charter bus rental visitors can visit to enjoy the activity together.

Other skate parks one should visit would be the Martin Skate Park which is closest to the urban area. Please do not hesitate to give Bus Charter Hartford a call to find out more information about the charter bus, coach charter, mini bus or school bus rental packages that we have to offer.